Yada BT54860 Digital Wireless Backup Monitor Review - Automotive Digicam Guide

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The Yada Digital Wireless Backup Camera with 4.3″ Dash Monitor is a budget to mid range wireless backup digital camera and monitor brought to us from Yada, a subsidiary company of Winplus. It forms the mid point of their reverse camera with sensor digital camera and monitor packages and comes geared up, as you’d count on from the title, with a 4.3″ display for mounting within the drivers cabin.

I found an unused connector on the again of my radio unit. Apparently, its purpose is to attach an non-obligatory CD changer. However a fast search revealed that the connector has 2 pins exposing the "confort" bus. So I wired the Arduino to the radio using a CAN bus shield. And to my delight, I started receiving CAN frames!

- Monitor

- Monitor power harness

- The camera

- Digicam energy harness

- The RCA cable

These are the essential elements or items that you just require for any such connection. These items are presupposed to carry out necessary functions and these features are as proven beneath: