Interesting And Fun Trivia About Elgin

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When you are moving to another place such as Detroit, the transition is always difficult emotionally.
Old friends, comfortable surroundings, everything has to be left behind and you have to adjust in a new environment. That is why we have come up with some fun and interesting facts that will not dampen your mood and;u=142129 will help look forward to the exciting Detroit!

Here goes:
Did you know that Detroit has 18 professional theaters, making it the second largest theater district in the country next to New York? Moreover, the world's largest outdoor museum is Greenfield Village in Dearborn. When compared to the whole of U.S., the Detroit Institute of Arts has one of the largest, most significant art collections comprising more than 60,000 works. Eastern Market, located between Russell and Gratiot in Detroit, is the largest open-air wholesale/retail market of its kind in the United States with more than 150 food-related businesses. It is Midwest's true sports capital and ranks third in championships, just behind New York and Boston. Interestingly, it is also known as the potato chips capital of the world, based on consumption. Detroit boasts of having the country's largest island park within a city, Belle Isle Park.

The Campus Martius Park was #4 on a list of the 12 best public squares in the U.S. and Canada, as ranked by Projects for Public Spaces. The ice rink here is larger in area than the one in New York's Rockefeller Center. There is one and only one floating post office in the world the J.W.
Westcott II, which can be found on the Detroit River. It has been operating for more than a century! Big names like Vernor's Ginger Ale, Sanders Hot Fudge, Better Made Potato Chips, Faygo Soda Pop, Stroh's Ice Cream have taken their roots in this place.

It is touted that the America's first sweet cream soda was served in 1876 by a confectioner named Fred Sanders who lived here. The world's first highway mile made of concrete was built in Wayne County in 1902. It lies on Woodward Avenue which stands on the stretch between Six and Seven Mile roads. Detroit receives freighters from over 100 world ports on the Detroit River.
During the prohibition, an estimated 75% of illegally supplied liquor to the U.S. came via this river as well! The entire city rests on a massive salt bed. Salt mines cover 1,400 acres of land that lies 1,200 feet below the surface of the city and have over 50 miles of roads crisscrossing through it.
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