Tips for Choosing a Strong and Durable House Roof

How to choose a roof is one of the things you must master if you want to have a sturdy and durable home. This part of the house will determine whether you will be overheated during the dry season or rained on during the rainy season.

To avoid both unpleasant things, the house must be equipped with a strong roof. In addition to the ceiling of the house, this is an important point for you so that you can be protected in various weather conditions. Not only that, an ideal roof also helps reduce the chances of the building collapsing quickly.

1. Choose a Roof with the Right Materials

When choosing a roof for your house, you should first pay attention to the material. You must know that the materials to make a roof are quite varied. Each material has its own characteristics and the price also varies. Here are some types of roofing materials in question.
Clay Tile

Clay is indeed one of the popular roofing materials and is widely used in dwellings in Indonesia. To make clay as a roof, the soil is mixed with water first and then molded and dried in the sun.

After drying, this roof still has to be burned and then ready for use. This type of roof is mostly processed manually so that it takes a long time to produce. Nevertheless, clay tile roofs have a number of advantages, including.

  • Durable
  • Not hot because this material is able to withstand the sun’s heat
  • Tough and resistant to weather
  • The price is affordable

The unfortunate thing about this clay tile is that it tends to get mossy easily, but you can still outsmart it by painting it first before installation.

Palm fibers

Well, this roofing material is the right choice when you want to bring a traditional feel to the building. Ijuk roofs originate from dried palm plants. These fibers will later be tied which will usually also be clamped with bamboo and then tied to the battens.

Generally, these fibers are about 120 cm long with a diameter of about 6 cm. This material is now not commonly used but you can still find it in various tourist attractions, traditional houses, saung, temples, gazebos and restaurants that carry a natural theme.

In general, shingles are roofs made from wood materials such as ironwood and teak wood. Shingle roofs are now rarely used in Indonesia. However, they can still be found in palaces, museums, royal palaces and luxury homes.

The price itself is relatively more expensive, but also superior. The advantage lies in its more artistic design, durability and also resistance to extreme weather.

Concrete Roof

Concrete roofing material is commonly applied to buildings, but now this material is also widely applied to commercial buildings, for example houses. Usually, this type of roof is applied with the intention of adding floors to buildings that stand on limited land.

Just like any other material, concrete roofing also helps the residents of the house to be protected in various weather conditions. However, this material can also be used as a roof top, water reservoir and even a clothesline.

Once you want a strong roof, bitumen is one of the best answers. This roof is made from several materials such as algae coating, fiberglass and stone sand. In addition, sometimes other materials such as clay, limestone, oyster shell and silica are also added.

These additional materials are generally useful for strengthening the roof. Compared to Indonesia, this type of roof is widely used abroad, for example houses in America.

Another name for bitumen roofing is asphalt tile. Compared to other materials, bitumen roofing can be said to be better than other materials. This is because it is lighter in weight but also sturdier.

This roof is also more flexible and more flexible so that it is easier to adjust to the shape of the building. Another advantage is that this roof is not noisy and can even reduce sound. Unfortunately, this type of roof tile is quite difficult to find.


Zinc roofing has the same appearance as galvalume, but they are actually different. Zinc only consists of a layer of zinc, while galvalume consists of a mixture of silicon, zinc and aluminum.

Generally, zinc is applied to buildings that are large in size, require roofs with simple construction and are also cheap. So do not be surprised if this roof is widely applied to factories.

Then at home, zinc is mostly used as a canopy. In accordance with the price, zinc is a roofing material that tends to dent easily and is also susceptible to being carried away by strong winds. In addition, this type of roof is easy to make noise, especially when it rains.

Nevertheless, the roof is very easy to install and does not even require a roof truss. So the installation can also be faster.

Asbestos is also a type of roof that is widely used in house buildings. This type of roof has a wavy surface. The price is relatively cheap, the installation process is fast and the weight is also quite light.

With some of these advantages, asbestos is apparently not very favored because it is easy to absorb and store heat, as well as easily broken, but if you are interested in using it, you can trick it by adding plywood material at the bottom.

Not only to make the roof look neater, plywood also helps to retain the heat released by asbestos.

Ceramic Tile

Another material that is also popularly used as a roof is ceramic tile. This tile is also made from a base material in the form of clay, but this tile is the glazing layer. This is the same layer as the layer owned by floor ceramics.

The glazing layer makes the tile so it is not easy to moss and is resistant to decay. Or in other words, this tile does not even require any maintenance. When it comes to price, of course it is not the same as ordinary clay tiles because ceramic tiles are more expensive.

2. Pay Attention to the Roof Framework

Choosing a good roof is a must, but you also have to pay attention to its framework. To support the weight of the roof, this framework must be strong, sturdy and resistant to various weather conditions.

Just like the roof of the house, there are many choices of roof frame materials that you can choose from. But if you want a frame that is both modern and termite-resistant, a steel frame is a good choice.

So, how to choose the next roof of the house, you must adjust the material chosen with the type of roof frame used.

3. Choose a Roof that Suits the Weather Conditions

The next way to choose a roof is to choose one that suits the weather conditions. More precisely, you are advised to choose a roof that suits the weather conditions in your area. For example, you want to build a house in a coastal area.

The weather in this area will generally be very hot during the dry season. Therefore, avoid zinc and galvalume and other roofs that are also made of metal. Why? Because a roof made of metal will make the room even hotter.

Metal materials are more recommended for use in mountainous areas where the weather tends to be cool. So in how to choose the roof of the house this time, you must recognize how the dominant weather is in the area where the building will be erected.

4. Pay Attention to Points that Support Comfort and Beauty

Another tip for choosing a roof for your house is to pay attention to the comfort and beauty factors. As you already know, the types of strong and cheap house roofs are quite diverse and the models are also quite varied.

With this fact, you must be observant in choosing a roof, especially when it comes to comfort and beauty. One of the important things that you can think about is the durability of the roof.

In the previous point, you must have known that there are some types of roofs that are not suitable for certain weather conditions. This will determine the longevity of the roof. For example, clay tile roofs. In cold and humid weather, this type of roof is easily eroded and weathered.

In addition, the beauty factor. In a way, the roof also affects the overall aesthetics of the house. However, the beauty factor should also not be the main benchmark when you are looking for this house protection.

Also, pay attention to how safe it is. If you choose a lightweight steel roof truss, you should not choose a roof that has a heavy weight such as concrete tiles.

5. How to Install or Install the Roof

Moving on to how to choose the roof of another house is by paying attention to how it is installed. It’s good to choose a roof that is easy to install so that when damage occurs, you can easily fix it.

For luxury and minimalist types of houses, they will have various and modern roof models. You can indeed choose the latest roof installation model so that it is not outdated. This kind of model will make your home more aesthetic and unique.

But again, don’t always prioritize the beauty factor. Choose one that is easy to install so that it is easy to repair when damaged. Usually, clay tiles and steel roofs are among the types of roofs that are difficult to install.

The reason is, the installation requires precise calculations so that it should only be done by experts. If the installation is done carelessly, the roof could end up with holes that could cause the house to leak.

6. Choose the One with Easy Maintenance

How to choose a house roof that must also be considered is the maintenance problem. You are strongly advised to choose one that is not only easy to install but also easy to maintain.

Because if maintenance is very easy, you will have no trouble, especially when you want to clean it. By having a well-maintained roof, this increases the likelihood that the roof will last a long time.

7. Pay Attention to the Quality and Warranty of the Roof

A quality roof usually has a long service life. Therefore, how to choose a roof this time is to pay attention to its quality. Apart from the quality, also consider the warranty. Not only electronic products, there are some roofing products that also come with a warranty.

This warranty is usually used as proof of product quality. Generally, a roof can last up to 15 years. However, the warranty will depend on the roofing brand you choose.

8. Consider the Price

One other thing that is no less important in choosing a roof is the price. This price is crucial because it can also determine what type of roof you can get.

Okay, that’s how to choose a house roof that you can try to practice to get the best roof so that you can get a good house. For the last point, which is the price issue, this varies greatly even for one type of roof. In addition to varying, this price can also change at any time so you need to monitor the price of the roof so that it fits the budget that has been set.

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